Friday, October 7, 2011

Handmade Holiday 2011-- UPDATED Again

Working on my homemade holiday list for this year.
So far I want to make the following,
I plan to start my weekly sewing at the end of October, for now this post is a link to what I want to make
Felty Christmas Tree

Yarn Wreaths these just look supper easy, not sold out on them

In a Pear Tree advent calendar, it's been so long since I sewed this seems big for me??

This lunch bag

Something from this page

This looks like a nice pattern to alter to fit a Bible

Skirt for the ladies in my family

Denim barrette- MADE IT!!! will make more for sure

Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere- ring, onesie, corsage, here's a fluffier flower, and a carnation flower with more depth

Baby tights- Sarah and Old Navy will need to help with patterns

Hand embroidered Coasters

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Dauvy said...

I sew at least once a month and the Pear advent calendar looks daunting to me as well. We are also doing a homemade Christmas..I hope, if I can get some sewing down time =) Going to make some lemon kitchen hand scrub with my Meyer Lemons in the backyard for Christmas gifts ..excited about this.