Saturday, December 29, 2007

4 Generations of Embroidery

I realized, I know I'm a bit slow, that hand stiching and embroidery are not only in my blood, but I've always done some sort of it.

On Christmas day my gradmother, my mother and I all sat down for some stitching in my sewing room and we shared and talked baout our stiching/sewing past. Mainly I was interested in hearin gmy grandmother talk about her mother. My great grandmother was an incredible women; besides being a single mom of 9 kids 100 years ago, she was a prayer warior, a servant to anyone who came into her home and a sewer, and embroiderer to be exact. I was given an apron that she had made when she was in her 80's. She didn't have a sewing machine, so it was all hand stitched and the work was excellent. Flawless. She not only folded her corners and seams with perfection, she also added evenly spaced decor. We found humor when I tied the apron around my "waist" and asked, "What good did only a 1/2 apron do?"
My grandmother, who is 84, looked at me, smiled and said, "Well they wore them around their actual waist first of all, and if my mother could see you she would be speechless." (speechless is something not common amoung the women in my family) The I tied the apron around my actaul waist and I got it! It protects my cloths from all the places they get messy while tending my home, of course it also ages me by about 30 years!
What a cool day we had, sharing, talking, bonding.
The joy of sewing.

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