Monday, June 29, 2009

Garden Update

These are the first batch of tomatoes from my plants. I have eaten several single ones as I've run off to work or on my way in the door. My plants are in pots lining the front door walkway! I just love having my garden in an area where I can enjoy it during my "normal" day.

Speaking of normal I really miss doing the home thing. The tending the house and yard, as well as sewing, baking and spending days cleaning and arranging. That is what I'd like my normal to be again.
-deep breath-
Today I am not in that position.

My cucumbers are growing up a small incline made from a piece of vinyl lattice. Well,... sometime yesterday the lattice flipped over on top of my plants!!! Yikes! They still look healthy and I put everything back as it should be, now it's the wait.

Realizing how I had forgotten how much I love being outside in my garden, dirt under my nails, sweat running down my back.
Realizing how I miss handstiching curtains and how cleaning out my entryway is theraputic.

Settling in on James chapter 1 right now.
Also listening to a great new band: mewithoutYou.

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