Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Studio

OK, so the first step in the new sewing room is complete and here are some pics. This is actually our garage, we put a wall up and used it as the Lego Room for years; the outside garage door still works and when opened it reveals a small storage area along the front.

The room sits off the entry way and kitchen, here is the view back toward the house. Please notice the ironing station on top of the 13-year old washer and dryer.
Under the table you'll see I keep all my fabric in trash bags, it's how it works for me! Here's the view of the sewing table. My My mom's machine sits at one end and my mom's rotary cutter at the other. The table is the old dining table of a high school friend of ours, his mom gave it to us early on in our marriage. The table against the wall is made of two large speakers Steve won't let me get rid of with one panel of a bi-fold door laid on top. I keep my thread, scissors and other stuff I need while sewing on this table.

Here's the view from the washer & dryer. Those are our hurricane shutters and the Lego table against the wall; we don't have a storage shed so for now this is where they live. Also the large striped blob is a little sofa I have for visitors or for me to sit and read a pattern or sewing book on!

Lastly, this is the view form where I sit. You'll notice another sewing machine in the back right, it's just missing the foot pedal. I hope to get it up and running for the days when "extries" come over to sew!
That's it, step one down and it has a long way to go; more lighting and some color onthe walls, a design board and who knows what else!
Well, I'm off to get ready for a sewing day with friends today, we gotta put this space to use!
Stitch it up!

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Shasta said...

Love it! I wish I could tote my machine over and sew with you. That would be so much fun!