Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Son's Sewing Ability

When Justin was little he was very creative. Justin is my 13-year old son.
Today music is his world. he can always be found with a guitar in his hand.
He owns three, an acoustic, electric and a bass. And is learning to play the piano and drums.

The other day he asked me, "When I was two what did you think I'd be when I grew up."
It really made me think.
"I knew you were creative. So I guess I see you as doing something with your natural God-given ability to create. Whether it be music, art or sewing."

Sewing? Yep.
When he was 7 he made this out of his old ski hat. It's a puppet. He used the top "ball" for the nose and he cut the ear flaps and made them into the movable mouth. A little hole on the inside of the hat allows fingers to move the mouth. A Sharpie makes great eyes and a wonderful smile!He has also made various other "costumes" to go with his one day music act. It is not uncommon for me to find thread and cut up jeans and fabric laying around the music room.

When he was 2 he wanted a skateboard, we lived a mile up a dirt road with no pavement in sight. When he didn't get one he took paper, tin foil for wheels and made his own!
Isn't it amazing how we are knit together before birth with the abilities we have.

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