Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Vintage Sheet is not only about sewing but really it is about creating. I love to create. Sewing projects, nature projects, painting, hot gluing, stitching, cutting, sewing, just creating. I spent a bunch of yesterday outside making pine cone bird feeders.
It was simple, I used a butter knife and covered pine cones with all natural peanut butter and then rolled them in bird seed. I hung the cones from a few trees using hemp string . Now I wait to see if the influx* in birds this year will stop for a snack.

*I'm wondering is all this snow in the mid-eastern states is holding up the northern migration of birds? or is it the absence of our dog Fluff? either way we seem to have an influx in birds, any other southern noticing the same thing?

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