Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vertical Pallet Garden

When I saw this vertical garden planted in an old pallet I fell in love. I decided I'd make one with 2 recent pallets I picked up down the street. It was a bit more costly than I had expected, close to $100, but I am glad to have my herbs and some pretty color greeting me when I arrive home.

I started with my pallet, plants (only some shown here) and soil.
I laid out my plants just to get an idea about how many plants I'd need and also to see what would look nice in terms of their layout
I cut down one of the old pieces of trampoline we kept and Steve secured it to the back of the pallet, he made sure it covered the sides and bottom of the crate, He then used pieces from a second crate to give the back a little more support (no picture).

Then I slowly began to add soil and plants. We let it sit horizontal on the patio for a week and then leaned it up against the house!

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Brandi said...

This is so cool...I love it Michelle.