Thursday, November 10, 2011

Charity Water Sewing Ideas

So for our upcoming craft booth to raise money for Charity Water I have gathered some ideas of items we can make.
So far I've gone off my Homemade Holidays list but here are some other ideas
braided scarf
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another t-shirt scarf, especially since tied dye is so easy and I have a dye kit dying to be used (lol)
ombre scarf 23 Ombre Craft Ideas

Ok so I am currently on a scarf kick- could be that i just bought 4 yards of $1/yard fabric just screaming SCARF!! Scarf #3

Moving on from scarves I found a super cute t-shirt idea over here

And another t-shirt redo by my friend Robin at All Things Heart and Home

So for now that's that. So far I've been making flowers like crazy, after 3 designs I found my favorite and made 6 of them today. LOVE IT!!!

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