Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Birthday Banner

I've always liked felt banners.
First of all because felt is a likable material, easy to cut, cheap to buy and easy to sew.
I wanted to make a banner for Aubry's first birthday but wasn't sure what it should say or what colors to use. I decided one night while lying it bed, or perhaps in the shower, two great places I have ideas, that it would say "hugs & kisses & b-day wishes"
Here's the end product: 2 banners, one saying "hugs & kisses" the other "b-day wishes"

I started by purchasing a packet of felt at Wal-mart.
Then I:
~ picked out 8 colors I liked and cut them into triangles
~ found a font that I liked
~ printed the words at the correct size
~ pinned the paper letters to the white felt pieces
~ cut out the paper letter/felt letters
~ pinned the letters to the felt triangles
~ sewed one line through the middle of the letters
~ I connected them all off with double bias tape

Now that the festivities are over and in an attempt to rid my home of unnecessary items I've sent the banners to Mali, West Africa via Wisconsin. there they will be used in the American school, hospital and maybe even the homes of the English speaking families there?

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