Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Handmade Holidays 2012 Edition

Rice Heat Therapy Bags, back again for an encore presentation

Corner Bookmarks, these made the original Handmade Holiday list but never made it to the actual project board

Matching Scraps Game, so cute and I think Illana is getting to the age to enjoy this

Braided Belt Messenger Bag, for a special girl who is going away for college this year

Car Organizer

Travel Toothbrush Holder or here Travel Case
simple and easy clean up

Flower headbands
Flower Headbands - Easy!!

Happy Cloud baby toy
Happy Cloud Baby Toy Tutorial

Portable First Aid Kit

there's a good chance I'll make these for myself

OK so my list is longer than I think I can handle.
I'll be back to update, revise, delete, add to.

Handmade Holiday dates are Dec 7th and 14th.

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